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beauty trial sizesTrial size products are perfect for sampling new items, for travel and for guests--but finding the products and trial sizes you want can take so long, it sometimes just isn't worth the effort. is dedicated to finding the best the personal care, baby, toiletries, cosmetics, and other products you want in travel and trial sizes. Please also read our reviews and tips section, which has product reviews and help for finding products that are safe for you and the environment.

It's Good to Know about Natural Skin Care

It's so crazy that my moisturizer has petrolatum in it. Check yours, I bet it has it, too. It's not that it's so hazardous for you, in fact EWG gives it a "2" (low numbers are good). What's crazy is that it's petroleum-based, meaning it's coming from the same stuff that goes into our cars and the stuff we go to war over.

I also see ingredients with "paraben" in the word, like propylparaben. It's a potential hormone disruptor and causes harm to the environment.

And here I thought I was doing so well by buying "fragrance free" moisturizer. It's just not that easy.

To help sort out what I do need and don't need in a moisturizer, I went to "No More Dirty Looks," by Siobhan O'Conner and Alexandra Spunt. When checking your labels, they suggest looking for: Shea butter, olive or coconut oil - something that'll moisturize Vegetable based glycerin - which locks the moisture in Grapeseed extract or green tea catechins - for anti aging.

Stop a second here. I realize you don't have all day to read labels. I read labels like crazy, and when I'm done I feel like I've eaten a single M&M (totally unsatisfied and a little frustrated). Labels are difficult to read, even if you are slightly educated about it. It helps to find a company that does the reading for you, like or If you want to give some new products a try, check out these trial sizes. I've read the labels and feel fairly good about them, and they're all from Beautorium, and there's one for babies. And they're not crazy-expensive.


Dr. HauschkaDaily Face Care Kit-Normal
For normal, dry or sensitive skin. A selection of daily care recommendations for normal to dry skin, featuring trial sizes of Cleansing Cream, Cleansing Milk, Facial Toner, Moisturizing Day Cream, Rose Day Cream and Quince Day Cream. 



Juice Beauty trial size

 Juice Beauty Organics to Go Kit
Perfect for you or as an organic gift! This organic five piece kit is all you need for a healthy, radiant glow on-the-go. Juice Beauty Organics to Go Kit includes a creamy milk cleanser, refreshing hydrating mist, exfoliating green apple peel, vitamin rich-antioxidant serum and lightweight oil-free moisturizer. Also includes a bonus gift, a luxurious, soft, organic bamboo face cloth.  





Weleda Baby Starter Kit
Weleda travel and gift kit contains Travel Sizes of: Calendula Baby Cream, 0.34 oz Calendula Lotion, 0.34 oz Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, 0.72 oz Calendula Oil, 0.34 fl oz Calendula Diaper Care, 0.4 oz  




Suki Jumpstart Balancing Kit - Save 15%
Suki Jumpstart Balancing Kit is an inflammation soothing collection of results-driven formulas for a completely calmed, soothed & clarified complexion. replaces the balancing mini skin care kit with easily accessible product delivery. Suitable for combination to oily skin, especially formulated for acne, rosacea & eczema prone skin Perfect for a travel-sized regimen, gifts, gym, men or to introduce suki to yourself or someone close.