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Help for Your Dry Skin

Lotion is just one of the tricks, but there’s more. Here’s a few tips and products for dry skin that I like.

Humidifiers help dry skin

In most places (not Florida) your room humidity is probably low enough to dry your skin. Invest in a humidifier to give your dry skin a break.

Bath time tips for dry skin

This is a tough one, because hot showers are awesome in the wintertime, but they dry out your skin. They strip your skin of the natural protection of its special proteins and fats. So aim for either a shorter shower or a less hot one. Try a few drops of olive oil in your bath, an idea from Annie Bond's post on helping dry skin.

Find the right facial scrubs and lotions for your dry skin

Facial scrubs can get help exfoliate and get rid of flakes and of course, top it off with some lotion to keep the moisture in. The best way to find new products is through trial sizes. It’s so much better than buying a huge bottle of lotion only to find it makes your face break out. Also, once you find the right products for you, you can get them in trial and travel sizes to bring with you, whenever you leave home. Try these trial sizes from MotherNature.com:

Earth Science Facial Care Eye Treatment, Azulene, 1 oz

Reviva Hydrogen Peroxide Non-Abrasive Facial Scrub, 1.5 oz

Kiss My Face Facial Scrub, So Refined, 2 oz

Earth Science Hydrating Day Crme, Beta-Ginseng, 2 oz

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